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Holy Sons, Lost Decade III

The Lo-fi recording boom rose to prominence in the late 80's when new recording technology brought 4-tracks within teenager's grasp at an affordable price. Then only a few years later, Nirvana opened up the commercial market for underground music and virtually all of home-recording pioneers stepped out of their shabby environments towards a new horizon of recording studio budgets. Simultaneously the 'lo-fi movement' was proclaimed and in this unfashionable dead-zone is where the Lost Decade series was made in private. Lost Decade is a rare look into the mountain of recordings Emil Amos amassed while in full-swing of the initial lo-fi revolution. This batch of Lost Decade tapes is taken from a crucial time of Emil's development (1996-2002) that he spends a lot of time going into on his acclaimed podcast "Drifter's Sympathy".