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Idle Hands, The, The Hearts We Broke On The Way To The Show

After a single release of “Loaded” in the UK, extensive US touring including the opening tour slot with Manchester’s Elbow, the anticipated full length release of The Idle Hands is here! The Idle Hands are what happens when two expatriate Irish brothers move across the pond, hole up in the studios of the frozen Midwest, and find themselves making music with their best friends. Now residing in Minneapolis, a city front man Ciaran has described as "Dr. Zhivago with bands," the Idles' combine glam, neo-New Wave, and disco with nods to everyone from Berlin-era Bowie to pre-Dig! Dandy's. Big Hassle Publicity campaign is running with confirmed review’s in Rolling Stone, Marie Claire, Venus and a massive online campaign with the single “Loaded”. multiple track’s already been licensed in film and television. “We are loving a band called The Idle Hands -- great urgent songs, mining five decades of Rock history to come up with a fresh new album, The Hearts We Broke on the Way to the Show -- pure pop for now. Could/should be on the radio everywhere. Check out "Loaded" to get your start, then dig deeper”….Jim McGuinn Program Director/The Current/Minneapolis

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