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Red Dirt Rangers, Lone Chimney

The Red Dirt Rangers are pleased to announce delivery of their newest offering, Lone Chimney. The record features 12 original tunes, one very tasty cover, and a slew of talented friends to help them along the way. Blues, bluegrass, honky tonk, funk, folk, and rock n roll are all present here, but the Rangers put there inimitable twist on it all. As one of the originators of the Red Dirt music scene, these guys know how to tap all of their many influences yet retain the thing that makes them and their music so unique. Producer Steve Ripley (The Tractors, Bob Dylan) gives the songs their cohesiveness and the set is rounded out by outstanding performances from three Grammy nominated artists: Lloyd Maines, John Fullbright, and Fats Kaplan. But this record is all Rangers. Their finest songwriting to date, great vocal and harmony singing, and a true musical sense of who and what they are. This is their masterpiece.

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