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Life, The, Alone (Deluxe Edition) 2 CD Set

The Life were named best new Northwest band in 1987, based on their live performances and their debut album Alone. They were not grunge. They were 100% Seattle rock. Great songs. Great singer. Freakazoid monster guitar player. Great band. This release features the entire 10 song Alone album remastered by Green Monkey guru Tom Dyer. Sounds ridiculously fresh! It also features an entire second bonus disc, Witness The Will, containing 17 songs recorded for their unreleased second album shortly before they stepped off the precipice into history. "Clear cut and as emotionally direct as an emerald ring…" Phil McMullen - Bucketfull of Brains ‘87 "The Life may be one of the few bands in the Northwest who can reap what they sow." Cynthia Kludt -The Rocket ‘87