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Jaina, Nick, Primary Perception LP

Nick Jaina was born a writer and has always loved music so much that he wanted to channel that writing into music. Living in Portland since 2001, he’s tried to explore all the ways that he can challenge himself and be an artist. This has led him to ballets, scoring film and plays, and always digging for more treasure. Nick's 6th album, Primary Perception, refers to the gut instinct or sincere spontaneous emotions you have in a given moment, versus the calculated thought-out response that comes after. Nick took that approach to the recording process, gathering people in the studio who wanted to be there and figuring out what song to play only once they were all assembled. The album features guests from Fruit Bats, Y La Bamba, Menomena, Loch Lomond, Ages and Ages, Portland Cello Project, and Point Juncture, WA. The Vinyl LP contains a digital download card.

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