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Gold, Ethan, The Song of Sway Lake (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

" To match this tale of generations of a family, set in the golden light of late summer on an Adirondack lake, Ethan Gold’s soundtrack creates a quietly interwoven emotional force, driven by water and silence, and nostalgia for and release from the past. Gold’s original title song, arranged in differing styles of the 1930s and 1940s and sung by John Grant and the Staves, transports us to the glamorous time of America’s ascendance. The body of the score is piano-driven, meditative, and nostalgic, with Gold’s e-bow, Jon Hassell’s trumpet, Fred Frith’s paintbrush guitar providing undercurrents of dread. The characters, both living and ghostly, echo and mingle through the grand lodge, and out on the quiet lake under sun and moon. The music creates its own dream-like world that both heightens reality and helps one drift away from it. - Cultured Vultures "

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