Burnside Album Details

Various Artists, Deer Lodge - George Jones 2 CD Set

Deer Lodge George Jones is the first and only tribute album of all-new recordings following the legendary singer’s death in April of 2013. It is the most comprehensive George Jones tribute EVER, a double album featuring 30 tracks showcasing top West Coast artists from Portland, Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco. With a career that spanned over 50 years, such a huge tribute was only appropriate. Recorded primarily at underground Portland studio The Deer Lodge, this is a truly an album befitting the national treasure that was George Jones. What’s amazing is that all this was done in the 6 short months following his death, and is a testament to the powerful influence Jones had on the world of music. Fans of country, Americana and great music in general will get a thrill out of this roller coaster of an album. It bears repeated listening and will become an honored part of every music fan’s permanent collection. Artists include Sassparilla, Water Tower, Brush Prairie, Drunken Prayer, Fernando and many others.