Burnside Album Details

Once For Kicks, In The Dollhouse

Once For Kicks has been infusing the scene with its sonics for six years. Originally formed in 1996 by the tandem of vocalist Bill Coury and guitarist Tom Cummings, who’ve been playing music together since 1991. On their latest release, In the Dollhouse, their third full-length album, they’ve elevated their sound with rock chops that expand further into a sunny pop realm, buoyed by Coury’s illustrious high register, tamed only by the slightly melancholic edge of their latest outing. After a year fraught with personal hardships, the death of a close friend of the band, changing relationships and the transitions, trials and tribulations that define the human condition, they chose to take their time with the new recording. Not hassled by an urgent release date or limited by strict studio time, they were able to craft each nuance and to hone the sound of In the Dollhouse. The title signifies a handful of specific life stories, almost like different rooms, and like all good literature, inhabits a half-fiction, half- autobiographical realm. The current lineup consists of Bill, Tom, local legend Kurt Bloch (the Fastbacks, Pure Joy, Young Fresh Fellows) bass and guitar, drummer Mike VanBuskirk and bassist Bryan Gorder. The album also features Rachel Flotard of Visqueen and singer Jon Hyde. For One For Kicks, it’s the pursuit of the perfect pop song that rewards.