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Johnstone, Jude, Coming Of Age

At nineteen, Jude Johnstone headed west to the studios and nightclubs of LA, where she soon found herself collaborating with many of that city's top producers and musicians. After her marriage (to writer/producer Charles Duncan), Johnstone rededicated herself to song writing, getting tracks cut by such artists as Stevie Nicks, Bette Midler, Trisha Yearwood, and Johnny Cash (including the title cut of the latter's Grammy-winning album "Unchained"),as well as current recordings by Yearwood, Jennifer Warnes, and upcoming release by long-time idol Bonnie Raitt. Her collection Coming of Age sees contributions by several of these artists, including Yearwood, Warnes, and Raitt, as well as old friends Jackson Browne and "the legendary" Valerie Carter, and the invaluable assistance of Yearwood's producer, Garth Fundis.

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