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Talmadge, Jeff, Kind of Everything

"Sometimes you choose love; sometimes love chooses you. So says Jeff Talmadge in a song from his seventh studio recording, Kind of Everything. The payoff after a decade of touring and songwriting is at once his most accessible and most challenging record. Produced by Thomm Jutz (Nanci Griffith, Mary Gautier, David Olney), Kind of Everything has 12 new songs and a David Olney cover. Kind of Everything will appeal to fans of the Texas songwriter tradition, the story-telling end of the Americana spectrum and Talmadge's finger-picking style in the vein of Mississippi John Hurt or Merle Travis. A strong rhythm section supports the songs throughout the recording, but the addition of drums and electric guitars never take the songs far from their acoustic roots.""All that musical talent is subordinated to the stories that Talmadge has to tell, Geoff Himes