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Henderson, Tim, Winds of Texas

Tim Henderson is one of America's greatest song writers. He has been described by Darrell Harkins as ""a poet who sees deep into the heart of Texas, then puts that vision into some of the best folk ballads I have ever heard."" Tim's new release, Winds of Texas, dramatically demonstrates this observation. When Tim and Pete Seeger performed together several years ago at the Woody Guthrie Memorial in Tulsa, Pete enthusiastically remarked about the spiritual evocation of Texas captured by Tim in his beautiful ballads "I keep trying to think of a more purely representative American songwriter than Tim Henderson and, frankly I am stumped. There's a bit of Robert Service in Tim, a dash of Louis L'Amour, and a double shot of Mark Twain and Bret Harte. Tim is my idea of an American songwriter." Tom Paxton