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de Holanda, Hamilton / Yamandu Costa, Live!

On their first recorded collaboration, two of the most celebrated players of their respective emblematic instruments – Yamandu Costa on the 7-string guitar (violão) and Hamilton de Holanda on the 10-string mandolin (bandolim) – deliver an impressive set of eleven songs that capture the spirited energy and compelling rapport that can only occur when two such musical masters unite onstage. Live! Dates from a concert in São Paolo, Brazil in 2008. Hamilton de Holanda, “widely considered as the best Brazilian mandolin player,” by Public Radio’s The World, was nominated for a Latin Grammy award for his critically acclaimed debut for Adventure Music, Brasilianos, which was released in the summer of 2006. Yamandu Costa has been hailed as influential in reviving Brazilian guitar music in his native country, where he has won numerous awards and accolades.