Burnside Album Details

de Holanda, Hamilton & Andre Mehnari, gismontipascoal

Hermeto Pascoal and Egberto Gismonti: two pillars of modern Brazilian music are the inspiration and motivation for the new gathering of the award winning musical duo, André Mehmari and Hamilton de Holanda. Legitimate representatives and guardians of this beautiful and long tradition of musicians, the duo plays with precision and spontaneity the genius compositions of the masters, in a minimalist but surprisingly colorful duo of piano and mandolin. The repertoire includes classics from Hermeto and Egberto as well their own compositions and a tribute to the visionary duo with the beautiful and simple “Gismontipascoal,” the first compositional partnership of Andre and Hamilton, presented in two contrasting versions. The album is fresh, bright and unforgettable: the listener is moved by a timeless celebration of great music without labels, in a Continuous Friendship.