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Clarice Assad, imaginarium

"Described by the San Francisco Chronicle as a “serious triple threat,” Grammy award nominee Clarice Assad is praised internationally for her work as a pianist, arranger, vocalist and a composer. The daughter of Sergio Assad, one half of the celebrated duo, the Assad Brothers, who are arguably the greatest classical duo in the history of Brazilian music, and the cousin of the guitar master Badi Assad, Clarice’s talents are the product of a rich musical heritage. A versatile artist of musical depth and sophistication, Clarice’s compositions have been performed and recorded by musicians both in the classical and the jazz realms. imaginarium blends and unifies the old and the new; exploring sonic worlds from Brazilian music, pop, rap, jazz, opera, musical theater, new age, classical world music and more. Skillfully integrated into an 11-track CD of original compositions, the album features the participation of over 40 musicians from all over the globe. Colorfully orchestrated and featuring unusual combinations of voices and instrumentation, the album was inspired by elements of nature, and on how they are metaphorically weaved into the way these elements can relate to our human condition. It celebrates music, friendship, unity and life, but it also deals with their counterparts as well. This contrast and duality brings more density to the project and maybe not surprisingly, amongst the chaos, a certain level of equilibrium is found. "

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