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Quick & Easy Boys, The
'Ninkasi Sessions' LP
Dutch Records
ROCK/POP Vinyl 193483016900 01/11/19
Smith, Stuff
Complete 1936-37 Sessions
Hep Records
JAZZ CD 603366108528 11/18/16
Cahoone, Sera
The Flora String Sessions
Lady Muleskinner Records
AMERICANA CD EP 614511851824 04/20/18
Burke, Kevin / John Brennan
The Pound Ridge Sessions
Loftus Music
WORLD CD 678277262522 10/21/16
Chiarelli, Rita
Cuore - The Italian Sessions
Mad Iris Records
BLUES CD 777320132321 04/15/08
Miss Rayon
Part Time Punks Sessions
Miss Rayon
ROCK/POP CD EP 614511861823 10/25/19
Viciconte, Fernando
'The Pacoima Radio Sessions' LP
Secret Sound Recordings
ROCK/POP Vinyl 678277270213 04/20/18
Viciconte, Fernando
The Pacoima Radio Sessions
Secret Sound Recordings
ROCK/POP CD 678277270220 04/20/18
Hundred Waters
Stadium Red Sessions
Small Plates Records
ROCK/POP Vinyl 614511840828 11/18/16
Benevento, Marco
Woodstock Sessions Vol. 6
Woodstock Sessions
ROCK/POP CD 614511841023 02/17/17
Benevento, Marco
Woodstock Sessions Vol. 6' LP
Woodstock Sessions
ROCK/POP Vinyl 614511841528 02/17/17
Evans, Alan Trio
Woodstock Sessions Vol. 1
Woodstock Sessions
JAZZ CD 888608737579 04/15/14
Medeski Martin & Wood + Nels Cline
Woodstock Sessions Vol. 2
Woodstock Sessions
JAZZ CD 888608737586 04/15/14
Montbleau, Ryan
Woodstock Sessions
Woodstock Sessions
FOLK CD 614511854924 11/02/18
Zig Zag Power Trio
Woodstock Sessions Volume 9
Woodstock Sessions
JAZZ CD 616892559047 03/16/18