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Gleason, Dave
Turn and Fade
326 Records
AMERICANA CD 845121021394 06/15/10
Hunt, Kelley
88 Records
AMERICANA CD Single 789577686625 01/21/14
Passing Mt. Satu
A Tenderversion Recording
ROCK/POP CD 7393210049161 03/20/12
Dingonek Street Band
Primal Economics
Accurate Records
JAZZ CD 743431507327 01/19/18
Albuquerque, Jorge & Marcos Amorin
Revolving Landscapes
Adventure Music
WORLD CD 823421103620 05/20/08
de Holanda, Hamilton
Caprichos 2 CD Set
Adventure Music
WORLD 2 CD Set 823421109226 01/20/15
de Holanda, Hamilton
Adventure Music
WORLD CD 823421103828 07/10/07
de Holanda, Hamilton & Andre Mehman
Continuous Friendship
Adventure Music
WORLD CD 823421104320 06/24/08
de Holanda, Hamilton Quintet
'Casa de Bituca--The Music Of Milton Nascimento'
Adventure Music
WORLD CD/DVD 823421111021 10/20/17
de Holanda, Hamilton Quintet
Adventure Music
WORLD CD 823421102623 07/11/06
de Holanda, Hamilton Quintet
Brasilianos Double
Adventure Music
JAZZ CD/DVD 823421105525 04/20/10
Lellis, Tom
Southern Exposure
Adventure Music
WORLD CD 823421100629 10/14/03
Lellis, Tom and Toninho Horta
Adventure Music
WORLD CD 823421104429 07/15/08
Marshall, Mike & Hamilton de Holanda
New Words (Novas Palavras)
Adventure Music
WORLD CD 823421102920 10/10/06
Neto, Jovino Santos and André Mehmari
Adventure Music
WORLD CD 823421110826 07/21/17
Vasconcellos, Andre
Adventure Music
WORLD CD 823421106522 05/17/11
Gilchrist, Maeve
20 Chandler Street
Adventure Music America
AMERICANA CD 823421108526 05/20/14
Marshall, Mike & the Turtle Island Quartet
Mike Marshall & the Turtle Island Quartet
Adventure Music America
AMERICANA CD 823421108328 03/18/14
Andy D.
Ready Set Bleed!
Aerobic International
RAP/HIPHOP CD 702795548414 10/14/16
Poison Idea
'Latest Will and Testament' LP
Amercian Leather Records
PUNK Vinyl 614511847728 06/16/17
Poison Idea
Get Loaded And Fuck
American Leather
PUNK CD 614511871020 08/20/21
Various Artists
'The Portland Edition' LP
American Leather
ROCK/POP Vinyl 614511844628 06/16/17
Jerry A and The Kings Of Oblivion
Life After Hate
American Leather Records
ROCK CD EP 614511876520 03/29/24
Poison Idea
'Get Loaded and Fuck' Vinyl EP
American Leather Records
PUNK 12" Vinyl EP 614511870726 04/22/22
Poison Idea
'Latest Will and Testament'
American Leather Records
PUNK CD 614511846127 06/16/17
Poison Idea
'Pig's Last Stand'
American Leather Records
PUNK CD/DVD 798576915124 10/11/19
Poison Idea
'Pig's Last Stand' 2 LP Set/DVD
American Leather Records
PUNK 2 LP Set 614511864428 11/08/19
Poison Idea
'The Badge / Portland Cop remix' 7"
American Leather Records
PUNK 7" Vinyl 614511876025 04/21/23
Eros and Omissions
ROCK/POP CD 614511821124 08/20/13
Cacavas, Chris & Edward Abbiati
Me And The Devil
ROCK/POP CD 8012786017624 07/17/15
Olney, David
Top To Bottom
FOLK CD 0097037008024 11/17/09
Cason, Buzz
Surf and Turf
AMERICANA CD 643157420859 04/17/12
Swan, Billy and Buzz Cason
Billy and Buzz Sing Buddy
ArenA Recordings
ROCK/POP CD 709951690314 08/17/18
James the Fang and Serious Sam Barrett
The Dime Horse Shoe
arkam records
ROCK/POP Vinyl 616892443544 04/21/17
Johnson, Calvin and the Snow-Tones
'Pink Cadillac' 7"
arkam records
ROCK/POP Vinyl 614511839426 10/21/16
Pine Hill Haints
'Those Who Wander'
arkam records
ROCK/POP CD 751937266921 10/14/16
Wilkes, Col JD
'Will I See You Again In God's Glory Land?' LP
arkam records
AMERICANA Vinyl 843563110461 02/01/19
Wilkes, Col JD
Will I See You Again In God's Glory Land?
arkam records
AMERICANA CD 843563114407 02/01/19
Brothers of the Baladi
Hands Of A Thousand Dances
Baladi Productions
WORLD CD 619981106023 08/21/12
Boling, C. Daniel
New Old Friends (featuring Tom Paxton)
Berkalin Records
FOLK CD 755491278956 08/11/23