Burnside Album Details

New Country Rehab, Ghost of Your Charms

It's been two years since New Country Rehab grabbed the folk world's attention with their impressive self-titled debut. Since then, the band have built a dedicated brood of fans, bringing their unique stew of traditional country, bluegrass, Americana and rock audiences in Canada, the US, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. Featuring singer/fiddler John Showman, guitarist "Champagne" James Robertson, double bassist Ben Whiteley and drummer Roman Tome, NCR's unique blend of instruments and playing approach have left critics with a tough task in describing the band's sound. "In the two years since NCR's spellbinding debut, many have lauded the Toronto quartet as Canada's answer to Mumford & Sons. On their sophomore release they continue to display a thread common to that act, but NCR has bred something extraordinary and singular." - Winnipeg Free Press