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Hamell On Trial, Bring The Kids

Saustex Records presents the new Hamell On Trial album ‘Bring The Kids’ (originally title: ‘Bring The Kids, Every Song Could End In Bloodshed’.) Having spent almost two years “on the stove” the record is everything you’ve come to expect from Hamell and more. There’s plenty of his biting, hard-edged and heartfelt yet comedic satire and social commentary. But, it’s also a departure on the musical level. Known widely as an anti-folk warrior, Hamell’s manic acoustic guitar splay is replaced here by a denser, crafted sound forged by Hamell and producer Matt LaBozza with a variety of styles and influences. It prominently features several guest performances by English folk singer/songwriter Ruth Theodore and a spot by Christine Ohlman of the Saturday Night Live band. With an added reflective lyrical edge ‘Bring The Kids’ even includes the use of strings on a couple of the numbers and will surprise longtime fans while welcoming newcomers with a genre we’ve dubbed “aAA” (anarchist Adult Alternative). This LP is pressed on opaque neon orange 140 gram vinyl and is a limited pressing of 500 copies

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