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McLaughlin, Harvey, 'Rascality' LP

From the unhinged mind of singer/songwriter Harvey McLaughlin comes Racality - twelve tracks of throwback rock and roll that’s reminiscent of the great piano rock albums by artists such as Warren Zevon, Elton John, Tom Waits and Randy Newman with its own brand of cheekiness and an updated sensibility. On the heels of 2018's full length Tabloid News and the 2019 EP Automaton, Rascality features McLaughlin's weird and wild brand of storytelling - reveling in subjects ranging from Chinese restaurants to carnival excursions to the red pyramids of Mars and everything between. "I made an effort to cover all the basics," says McLaughlin. "Wendigos, voodoo hexes, fortune telling moles and public executions, it's all there.”

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