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Hamell On Trial, The Pandemic Songs

"Ed Hamell aka Hamell On Trial offers his unique perspective on life during lockdown with 'The Pandemic Songs'. Ed explains the impetus behind the new album recorded in his Ossining, NY apartment on an $80 Android cell phone in this way: ""We've all been cast into these strange times. Each of us looking for grounding: home schooling, home working, losing employment, balancing anxiety with a brave face, concern for loved ones, trying to connect when we're not supposed to connect. Some of us on the frontlines saving lives, witnessing death at an unprecedented rate. As the great Hunter Thompson once said, 'When the going gets weird the weird turn pro.‘ Here you have the best nine of fifteen songs I recently penned that were inspired, if you will, by the pandemic . My son Detroit and I recently witnessed a line seven blocks long of our neighbors waiting for food from a truck because they needed to eat. It was a no brainer to donate the proceeds of this to charity.” 100% of artist and label revenue will benefit national food bank charities. "

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