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Talley, James, Nashville City Blues

This seductive, insightful & rootsy album of country blues was recorded by James Tally in 1988. At the time, USA Today wrote “The title track is more than the blistering three-chord rant it appears to be on its surface. Ultimately, it's less about bitterness - 'They've taken all the music and they've watered it down' - than the importance of perseverance and the inevitability of disappointment. Other songs touch on these themes from more personal and romantic perspectives. Displaying a no-frills sound that answers to no expectations but his own, Talley's songs get straight to the point without being simplistic”. Country Standard Time said “Talley has the same expressive flatness that marks the work of John Prine, Hoyt Axton and David Olney; still, there is a warmth and comfort in his songs and presentation, and he's more than paid his dues on his way here.”

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