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Kool Keith, Saks 5th Ave

Arguably poised as Kool Keith’s most sophisticated release to date, Saks 5th Ave serves as both a stepping stone forward in the artist’s prolific career, as well as a much-needed reminder that the world’s most innovative emcee has a thorough grasp on far more than your average rapper. Touching on everything from the use of high fashion products to personal experiences including a near fatal car crash which occurred in 2017, the 16 track studio album produced by the versatile beat maker Dean “Landon Price” Trotter channels Keith in a smoothly conscious state while laying down effortless bars over modern yet timeess hip hop production. From the artist who brought you Dr. Dooom, Sex Style”, Keith and everything in between, Saks 5th Ave is the latest and greatest haute couture in a world of Gap and Old Navy hip hop.

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