Burnside Album Details

Richard Peterson Orchestra, The, Seven

Richard Peterson is a Pacific Northwest institution, a well-known savant Seattle trumpet player/piano player/composer. He is releasing his seventh (and best) album since 1982, appropriately tilted, Seven, by The Richard Peterson Orchestra. It is GREAT! Richard released his first 45rpm single “Want to Be In The States” in 1976. He advanced his career by playing trumpet outside the Seahawks games for fans for years. He has made records with the Young Fresh Fellows. He had a movie about him, “Big City Dick: Richard Peterson’s First Movie” released in 2004. He opens up for Hollywood actor Jeff Bridges’ band The Abiders whenever they play Seattle. Seven features Richard’s compositions, his playing on piano, horns, oboes, bass, drums and harp as well as a variety of vocalists and a violin player. Both true and new fans of Mr. Peterson’s work are certain to enjoy Seven. It is Richard’s masterpiece