Burnside Album Details

TLA, 'New Language EP'

"Five high school students from different walks of life endure a Saturday detention under power-hungry principal, Miguel Aldana. The disparate group includes rebel Jon Sortland, outcast Tahiti Pehrson, brainy Genaro Vergoglini and Jason Clark, the jock. Each has a chance to tell their story, making the others see them a little differently -- and when the day ends, they question whether school will ever be the same. Led by Jon Sortland of The Shins and artist Tahiti Pehrson, TLA has been described by listeners as touching the zeitgeist. TLA songs are uniquely creative, embracing stream of consciousness songcrafting and drawing from decades of friendship and a love for pop culture of the 70's, 80's and 90's. This 12"" Single Sided Vinyl EP has an etched B-Side featuring artwork by Tahiti Pehrson and a download card. "