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Hickoids, All The World's A Dressing Room: Live in La.A. 08.24.2018

All The World’s A Dressing Room: Live in L.A. 08.24.2018 is the first-ever live album by Texas corn-punk kings the Hickoids. It’s 75 minutes of pure raunch’n’roll from the band’s back catalog and a couple of previously unrecorded audience favorites captured at Cafe NELA last year. More an official bootleg than a tightly conceived money grab it was downloaded from an unauthorized file-sharing site. In that spirit it is the entire show with only dead air edited out to accommodate the LP and CD formats. The liner notes summarize it thusly: “It’s all here; the good and the bad, the clams and the jams, the spit and the sweat, the raunch and the roll. It’s imperfect but honest.” This is down and dirty rock’n’roll in the tradition of Alice Cooper, The Stooges and The Sensational Alex Harvey Band with a healthy side of roots and comedy.

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