Burnside Album Details

Blesst Chest, Wish We Were There LP

"There is a Working Man’s Humility to their Prog Rock Leanings. I hear the desperation of the Everyman… but also his ability to Cope through EXXXTREME RIFFAGE!!! Sure, there isn’t anyplace to get to. Ambition is a construct meant to enslave you; But for an hour, at least, lets play hard and loud together in Brotherly Patrimony. The album sounds like a Beefier version of their already Beefed Up live show. For a couple shekels, you can buy this LP and pretty much be there at the gig with us (even though you probably weren’t). And where the Boys will go next, if they deign to play these jams in your town soon, well now you know a bit what’s in store for ya!" …Stephen Malkmus (Pavement, …the Jicks)