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Floater, Wake

Floater deliver their best album to date with Wake, their eighth studio album. Writing more sophisticated, well-crafted songs with each release, Wake (Typhon Records) delivers a twelve-track collection of melodic, pop-laden psychedelic guitar-rock decked out in chunky guitar riffs, primal drumming, and soaring vocals. Touring the songs extensively before recording them helped the band choose which songs would comprise Wake. It also helped strengthen and energize the songs, as they had time to live and breathe on the stage before being put to tape. From the opening psychedelic swirls of "Concentrate," a number that any longtime Floater fan will instantly recognize as Floater through and through, roaring guitars, tribal-turned-rock drumming, and uncanny hooks, Floater makes it known that Wake is meant to be turned up and played loud.

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