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Battlefield Band, Beg & Borrow

"Scotland & Ireland are separated by only twelve miles of water at their nearest point, so it's not surprising that their cultures have begged, borrowed (and maybe even stolen) from each other over the centuries. On this album Battlefield Band, one of the great institutions of Scottish traditional music, have invited twelve special guests to explore and play the music and songs shared by these two vibrant cultures. These eighteen tracks offer evidence of two intertwined and living traditions which continue to beg and borrow from each other. Indeed these links may have been an important factor in keeping these traditions so strong, vibrant and authentic. Long it may it continue. Guests include Christine Primrose, Alison Kinnaird , Jim Kilpatrick, John Martin , Mike Whellans, Nuala Kennedy, Leo McCann, Aaron Jones, Barry Gray, Don Meade & Tony DeMarco "

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