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Suburbs, The, Love Is The Law

"While overshadowed by their Minneapolis contemporaries the Replacements and Prince, the Suburbs still managed to leave their distinct mark on the musical landscape of the early '80s, as evidenced by their masterful 1983 effort Love Is the Law. The opening rumble of the title track is immediately hooked with bright, lively horns, which reappear throughout the album to help release tension. Along with Poling's opportune keyboard effects and Chaney's exaggerated vocals, the guest horns accentuate a fun-loving spirit generally belied by titles such as "Hell A" and "Perfect Communist." Fun and fury merge on the infectious disco rockabilly of "Rattle My Bones," in which a horny, homeward-bound motorist shifts from impatient restraint to rowdy celebration. In general, Love Is the Law is harder and tighter than previous releases, and even the most intense tracks produce lingering melodies in the wake of relentless rock & roll. the Suburbs may not have equaled the success or longevity of other Minneapolis musicians from the 1980s, but Love Is the Law holds its own against the more celebrated albums of its time." -- Vince Ripol AllMusic

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