Burnside Album Details

Jacobs, Mitch, Jukebox Music

"From somewhere between Elvis’s flashy Vegas and Johnny Cash’s earthy Arkansas comes a country boy in a little old Texas town called Houston. That’s where rural folk music, showbiz pop, and American rock and roll reached Mitch Jacobs. Jacobs spent the last dozen years in Houston party band, The Romeo Dogs, a tight little rocking country outfit. When Austin Music Hall of Famer Freddie Steady Krc crossed paths with Jacobs, he heard something special, something with an obvious musical kinship to Johnny Cash that was also a unique new sound. Their meeting led to Jukebox Music, Jacobs’ first solo album. Krc’s production has captured a rock and roll rhythm with a western swing sensibility. Here’s a little slice of Bob Wills, a little slice of Elvis, a dose of rock and roll, and a respectful country tip of the hat to Johnny, all in the tremolo baritone of Houston’s Mitch Jacobs. "