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Freddie Steady's Wild Country, Ten Dollar Gun

The British Invasion hit Southeast Texas hard in 1964. When the Beatles found their way into the living room of a kid called Freddie Krc (rhymes with search), he pointed at the screen and said, “I wanna do that!” After attending his first concert, the Invasion’s impact was complete: The Sir Douglas Quintet actually came from Texas, where country and rock mixed together naturally. From there, Freddie Steady Krc created his own British rock and Texas country. It took living in London in 1986 to fully embrace his country roots, and that’s how Freddie Steady’s Wild Country was born. Lucky 7 was a rocking slice of neon country soul. With his same English pals (most notably British singer/songwriter Wes McGhee and legendary session steel guitar player BJ Cole), Freddie recently returned to London to do it again. So with a tip of a Stetson to Sir Doug, the Beatles, and Hank, here’s the Sequel, and nothing’s more fun than a Ten Dollar Gun!

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