Burnside Album Details

Allan, Davie and The Arrows, King Of The Fuzz Guitar

The title of this album says it all, because Davie Allan is the King of the Fuzz Guitar, and his instrumental, hooky, rock and roll nuggets played a huge part in defining the rebellious music of the sixties. Davie’s memorable “Blues Theme” was the driving force of the coolest bad boy biker movie of the sixties, Wild Angels, and his fuzzy musical trademark turned up in other biker flicks of the day, too. That fuzzy guitar sound that he invented is still ringing in his ears and yours fifty years on. A slew of Davie Allan originals populate this new SteadyBoy Records release, including an updated version of the iconic “Blues Theme” and an inspired rock guitar take on Henry Mancini’s “Peter Gunn” theme. That’s just one of many songs worthy of the fuzz treatment, and when Davie gets hold of it, it’s pure rock and roll.