Burnside Album Details

Earl, Shelby, Burn The Boats

Shelby Earl is an American songwriter with a sharp pen and a world-class voice. Living between Olympia, WA and Los Angeles, CA, Earl found her musical home in Seattle. In 2009 Earl quit her corporate music industry job, picked up shifts as a waitress, and began to record. As her step-dad put it, Earl had “pulled all the boats ashore and burned them” in order to live big. November 1st, 2011, Earl’s Burn the Boats debuts on Local 638 Records (Visqueen). Produced by John Roderick (The Long Winters), BTB is made up of stunning, indie-folk-rock songs with recurrent themes of lost loves, reaching for the unattainable and waking up after a long slumber. Collaborators include members of the Long Winters, Telekinesis, Maldives, (former) Fleet Foxes, the Head and the Heart.