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Service Industry, The, Limited Coverage

Welcome back for a second helping in a world where the customer is always wrong. "Limited Coverage" is the sophomore effort from artful Austin-based powerpop sextet, the Service Industry. Anchored around the skills of Kansas City indie-pop icon and refugee Mike McCoy (formerly of Cher U.K.), bassist Hunter Darby (of the Wannabes,who, incidentally, shared writing credit on Spoon’s "GaGaGa" LP), guitarists Andy Thomas (Rockland Eagles), Robbie Araiza (Way Outs) and second vocalist Julie Lowery (Diamond Smugglers). Meat Puppets' guitarist Curt Kirkwood guests on several tracks. A great pop sensibility and fun are what this bunch are all about: straight-up rockers, tongue-in-cheek balladry, and snotty punk '. This new set, not as overtly anti-social as their debut "Ranch is the New French", still packs plenty of venom and even swallows it on introspective numbers like "Now Wake Up & Die" and "Have To Go To Work". "Limited Coverage" is recommended for fans of the Pixies, Buzzcocks and Nick Lowe who tip well and have a black sense of humor.

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