Burnside Album Details

Service Industry, The, Calm Down

"On their fourth album, the acclaimed Austin, TX-based collective of veteran cool band rockers known as The Service industry expand their reach beyond the day job drudgery and proletariat pop/rock politics of their previous CDs to address relationships, the places we live, and the swirling worlds within and around us with unshakable hooks, big badass beats, guitars that snarl and roar, and the most dynamic guy/gal tandem vocals this side of X. With their “shimmering power pop loaded with sing-along melodies” (/RocknReel/) along with “bits of punk, splashes of glam and touches of country [and a] smartly rocking vibe” (/Texas Music/), the group reminds of countless cool combos you know and love with a sound all their own that feels like your new favorite band with a witty populist bent that speaks to the tough times we live in with savvy, panache and eternally relevant rockist appeal.

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