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Loco Gringos, Loco Gringos

Texas has spawned a lot of wild rock bands over the years but few were as crazy and hard-living as Dallas’ legendary Loco Gringos. Though their recorded output was limited to one 7” single( the 1987 release “Nurture My Pig”, later covered by the Reverend Horton Heat, who also immortalized the band in the song “Loco Gringos Like A Party”) and the posthumous 1992 Existential Vacuum LP, the band is still remembered for their unique sound, a wry, sexual, lurching cow-punk with underpinnings of island and latin grooves and over the top stage antics, which included scorching a plaster burro with ether and running a corndog stand in conjunction with the show. This new CD marks the first time the band’s music is available in digital formats. The re-mastered LP is augmented by previously unreleased bonus tracks recorded live at Austin’s Cannibal Club. The usual Gringos show resembled a haphazard ritual piece of performance art staged in the red-light district of a border town whose well had been spiked. It was a tragi-comic rock and roll circus that would have left Bukowski and Burroughs grinning and Springsteen and Huey Lewis slack-jawed blushing… this disc can offer only a sonic glimpse into this freak show.