Burnside Album Details

Hickoids/The Grannies, 300 Years Of Punk Rock LP

"300 Years of Punk Rock is the new split LP from San Francisco based fuckpunk band The Grannies and Austin cowpunkers the Hickoids. The ‘300’ is derived by multiplying the number of band members involved times their years of servitude to the dark mistress that is Punk Rock. But it is also much more than that...a European tour that takes both bands to many cities, a down at the heels bromantic getaway and a testament to what can happen when 10 solidly middle-aged men are left to their own devices and the juvenile deviancy that can result therein. 11 previously unreleased tunes by the two bands including The Grannies killer take on The Nervous Eaters classic 'Just Head’ and Hickoids tracks from their forthcoming Hairy Chafin’ Ape Suit album pressed in a limited edition of 300 copies on opaque red vinyl.