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Hares, The, Smoking In Bed LP

The debut album from The Hares has the immediate impact of being hit by a diesel-powered locomotive being driven by Jerry Lee Lewis at his most manic. The San Antonio seven-piece hijack rock’n’roll, drive to New Orleans, marry it in a drive-thru chapel and then kick it to the curb because it looked at another man funny. Twelve tracks of foot-stompin', hoot-n'-hollerin' rock’n’roll propelled by an insanely tight and powerful horn section and steeped in hoodoo, voodoo and bootleg liquor. The disc is modern yet evocative of timeless artists such as Irma Thomas, Fats Domino and Little Richard. This is a record that shakes you by the collar and doesn't let go until your clothes have fallen off and you're happy about it. If Screamin' Jay Hawkins had a punk band today it would be The Hares. The white vinyl pressing contains a full lyric sheet.

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