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Escovedo, Javier, Kicked Out Of Eden LP

Kicked Out of Eden is the second solo release by Javier Escovedo, founding member of The Zeros and The True Believers and a pioneer of the ‘70s West Coast punk movement. Arguably Javier is the greatest contributor to rock’n’roll of the storied Escovedo family that includes older brothers Pete and Coke Escovedo (Santana, Malo), niece Sheila E. (Prince) and of course brother Alejandro Escovedo (The Nuns, Rank & File, Buick McKane). The new album is pure pop inflected rock’n’roll that remains true to Javier’s love of ‘60s garage and ‘70s punk and glam. The album was recorded in 2015 and features great backing by Brad Rice (Keith Urban Band), Hector Muñoz and Cornbread (Billy Joe Shaver). Kicked Out of Eden is a must for folks who love great songs delivered with passion and punch.

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