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Beaumonts, The, Where Do You Want It?

On their second release this Lubbock, TX quintet continue to right the wrongs of the recent musical past. Five of the Hub City’s most beloved veteran musicians decided the state of Texas country music was dismal at best, and horrifying at its worst. Enough was enough and the boys took action... What resulted was a juggernaut of essence, the truest of true country, something akin to the creation of the universe, but with Telecasters. Behold, good friends, and delight in the majesty of The Beaumonts! The new album sports instant classics such as “I Like Women”, “I Like Drinking” and audience favorite “Toby Keith (Is The Ugliest Woman That I’ve Ever Seen)”. This is righteous and credible honky-tonk music for adults delivered with the comedic flair of Lester “Roadhog” Moran, Jon Wayne, Ron White and Blowfly.

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