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Xmas Balls, She Left Me For Randolph

Imagine a great band releasing a brand new album of great new original songs. Now, Imagine that each song was it’s own unique Christmas story which meets a wide range of expectations while offering sounds from country, bluegrass, rock, pop, and R&B. A musical gumbo with a little southern spice, some comedy, and national pride sprinkled on top. Each song is like opening a special present, and stands on its own as a Christmas classic. The comic relief of Santa’s Mailbox, She Left Me For Randolph, and the instrumentals of Foggy X-mas Breakdown will bring joy to those listening. The heartfelt songs, a soldier coming home, and if I was an agel will touch every heart. Each time Santa opens his mailbox, the belly laughs will flow, and all will hope the naughty reindeer “Randolph” will come see them next year.
  • Format: CD
  • Cat: SDE 1953
  • Label: S.D.E.G.
  • UPC: 722247195324
  • Cost: $10.40
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