Burnside Album Details

White Dove, The Hoss, The Candle

On their forthcoming album, The Hoss, The Candle, White Dove's delicate and haunting songs find a more celestial, hazy sound. Harkening back to the sounds of California in the 70s, the band confidently layers ethereal background harmonies with cosmic slide guitar. However, White Dove never stay in the sun for long. Night has fallen in the Canyon, with songwriter Alex Johnstone taking a classic LA sound somewhere dark and shadowy. After shedding their former name Monster, a monicker Alex Johnstone has carried since forming the band in 2002, White Dove now includes multi-instrumentalist Jack Long and bassist Carl Harders. The duo joined Johnstone in 2009 for a European tour in support of a self-titled LP. This album drew comparisons to Mojave 3, Big Star, Galaxie 500, and Mazzy Star.