Burnside Album Details

Android Amaker, Android Amaker LP

It would be shortsighted to refer to the new collaboration known as Android Amaker as just another music project. Founding members Vox Mod, Brent Amaker (Brent Amaker and the Rodeo), and P Smoov (Fresh Espresso / Mad Rad) have created a vision of the future and they have invited fellow artists to expand on that vision by offering their own artistic perspective. Android Amaker is a true concept album expressed through music, photography, film, fashion, and live performance Decades of being on the run, brawls with space bandits, and encounters with alien overlords in the Final Frontier forced Amaker to forsake his Earthly body and upload his consciousness into a mechanical humanoid. Yet, his voice rings true. His original vocal cords still reverberate throughout his bionic body, emanating electromagnetic waves in a flange-tinged echo. A hypersonic pulse that startles; for Android Amaker is The One, King of the Outer Galaxy. The debut LP is being released on limited edition gatefold package with clear vinyl and contains a seeded and plantable digital download card. Android Amaker is a whole new interpretation of the wild west.