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Bunny Clogs, Whales Can't Whistle

Whales Can't Whistle, Bunny Clogs sophomore effort, is a family dance party celebration of the oddballs of the animal kingdom: the platypus, squid, naked mole rats, sea slugs, capybara, and sea pigs. There are messages of kindness to all animals as well as gentle ethical lessons interwoven with madcap Monty Python-like silliness and a whole lot of rump shaking fun for families contained therein. Adam Levy of The Honeydogs uses this family-friendly environment to create a richly musical, environmentally conscious world lying somewhere between Prince's Black Album, Shel Silverstein's Where the Sidewalk Ends and The Beatles White Album. Levy's daughters Esther (16) & AvaBella (14) grew up making the first Bunny Clogs record More! More! More! (2009), have performed with dad on stage for years and, this time around as teenagers, took an active role in conceptualizing the record, creating the stories and characters, performing, as well as helping track the record in Levy's studio.

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