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Griffin, Sid, The Trick Is To Breathe

The Trick Is To Breathe is the first solo album from ex-Long Ryder Sid Griffin in a decade. Known as a founder of today's Americana/Alt-Country genre for his groundbreaking work with the Long Ryders then (and the Coal Porters since), Sid Griffin has never been far from the cutting edge. Few who could honestly claim to be a Godfather to the current roots music scene have made their mark in so many ways; bandleader, songwriter, instrumentalist, author of four books and broadcaster. Yet it took a decade for The Trick Is To Breathe to happen. "I was waiting for the right combination of songs and the right place to record, says Griffin, "I got the songs, I found the place just outside Nashville, and I found the right pickers. It was a heavenly experience. Twelve tracks featuring ten new Sid originals, one cover song and a spoken word poem(!) combine to equal what Sid describes as "the best album of my long career". Find out why.

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