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Kennedy, Maura, Parade Of Echoes

It's been said that a good songwriter comforts the disturbed, and disturbs the comfortable. Maura Kennedy does both with Parade of Echoes, a thirteen song soliloquy to the light and dark sides of pure pop. She delivers power chords and hooks in spades, boldly busting out of any boundaries that genre descriptions might impose. It's pop crafted with serious power tools, Her lyrics don't shrink from obsession, depression, and recession of the heart, and lest you fear a gloom-fest, be encouraged; it's all cast in the brilliant sheen of her carillon harmonies and bell-like lead vocals. Under the rich vocal tapestry is a rock-solid instrumental foundation that will have you slam dancing the subway with your earbuds blasting; Rennaissance-woman Maura (she's also a busy actress in NY and one half of The Kennedys) set herself a year-long task; to write a new song, and record a master version, every month, resulting in Parade of Echoes, an audio journal of her inner life, a sort of emotional weather report, archived for the edification of pop rockers, progressive acoustic types, and her loyal worldwide cult of fans who love a deep lyric welded to a great melody.