Burnside Album Details

Doucet & Miraz, Resonance

A classic amongst the new age/ambient top 100 on every New Age Radio show, RESONANCE is a deeply relaxing but also an uplifting collaboration by award winning composer, performer, producer Suzanne Doucet here in collaboration with the debut performance of Argentinean visual artist and keyboardist Gary Miraz. Critically acclaimed as an "Ultra-Sublime Masterpiece" in the tradition of Brian Eno, Steve Roach or John Serrie, RESONANCE ranks in the top ten of Music Choice's Soundscapes cable program, as well as Satellite Radio & DMX and debuted at #4 at the New Age Reporter Radio Charts. Suzanne Doucet, originally from Europe is a brand name in the New Age Scene worldwide. She sold over a million records in Europe as a pop star and singer/songwriter and also sold over a million CDs with her Sounds of Nature and Tranquility series, which will be reissued soon through Burnside as well. RESONANCE is a must have for any new age collection! RESONANCE was originally released in 2002, but has not been available since 2003.