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Various Artists, Egyptian Taqasim Vol.1

The Taqsim, or Taqasim in plural, is a traditional Arabic musical form of instrumental improvisation. Metric or not, it is usually performed solo or accompanied by a simple percussion line. The Taqsim can be used to introduce a song, in the middle of a piece, or as a piece itself where the player shows his or her virtuosity improvising over a melodic theme. This album presents a compilation of Taqasim performed by Egyptian musicians on some of the most popular instruments of today's Arabic musical panorama. Some of these taqasim are played on traditional Arabic instruments like the nay, the kawala, the oud or the kanoun; others are played on western instruments like the violin or cello incorporated into modern Arabic music of the 19th and 20th centuries. Delightful music for relaxation and dreaming.

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