Burnside Album Details

Kamal, Maher, Ahla Andalusi

Featuring the poetry of Al-Andalus written in the 11th-13th centuries. Original compositions by Maher Kamal performed by the most brilliant Egyptian players. Composer and singer Maher Kamal has gone out on a limb with the Muwashahat tradition in order to enter the complex world of lyrical Arabic music and song. Desirous of innovating and making the poetry's beauty stand out with through the music, Kamal used a wide variety of Oriental musical modes and both simple and complicated rhythms, including the rumba (a form common in Spanish and flamenco music). He left appropriate spaces for instrumental solos showing that the creation of modern music does not have to be a confrontation with traditional music. Daring, but successfully so, the blend of Kamal's unique singing style and his music can be considered a rarity in contemporary Arabic music composition. Undoubtedly, the perfume of the lands of Al-Andalus lingers in his music.