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Aggieland, Welcome To Aggieland

Aggie de Kruijf wasn't thinking of a CD at all. She just wanted to record her songs. As a singer of The Very Girls she was touring the USA in 2002. Spending a lot of time on the road listening to the radio in the tour van, the band criticized songs they heard on the car radio. Guitar player Stephan Jankowski challenged Aggie to write some lyrics herself. She accepted, providing he'd come up with a melody for it. To make a long story short: she started making songs and writing lyrics. The simple recording plan for this material soon turned into a more complicated process of co-writing songs, playing live music, recording their creations and enjoying fantastic contributions of guest musicians. The result of this process was 'Welcome to Aggieland'. In Aggieland the makers express what's on their mind. Everyday life as well as the world we live in are observed, and reflect in the lyrics and melodious, subdued singersongwriter- folk-music.